Project Management Flow Chart

1. Handling of enquiry & review of requirements

The appointed sales personnel on receiving the enquiry by email / phone, visit or tender document shall go through the requirements. When evaluating the enquiry, he/she shall also discuss and seek the opinion of the other relevant staff for technical requirements and ensure availability of manpower, equipment and product / component when required to fulfil the customer’s requirements and schedule.

2. Quotation submission to customer

The sales personnel shall determine the costing of the proposal and a formal quotation or any similar format shall be prepared and approved before sending to customer.

3. Award of contract / sales order

The Sales Personnel will receive the Purchase Order / Contract from the customer either personal,email or by fax.

4. Detail engineering design, fabrication drawings preparation and equipment specification selection / confirmation

Our technical design team, with years of experience in the field of Environmental Engineering and specializes in designing and managing projects for the Seawater Reverse Osmosis will always improve and ensuring that fabrication drawings are updated as required . All materials as specified, material specification, drawings and procedures will be confirmed at this stage.

5. Mechanical & electrical equipment procurement and shop fabrication

The procurement of mechanical and electrical equipment as specified, will be done in a timely and cost effective manner. The manufacturing team will responsible for the correct and timely performance of all manufacturing as defined on the batch control sheet and according to the requirements of the drawing, manufacturing and process specifications related to the job type and achievement of product quality.

6. Installation of equipment in skid form

The production engineering and quality team will always control and monitoring of all production processes, maintain the Quality Standards throughout the installation of product in skid form.

7. System start up and testing prior to delivery

Standardization of all production and test equipment at system start up stage to ensure that the product is in best quality and functioning well before deliver to client.

8. Delivery of system to site

System shall be delivered to site follow the delivery schedule in plywood packaging and ensure that the system is in good condition before and after packing.

9. Installation on site

The approved treatment system is installed by a licensed contractor or installer on site.

10. System start-up, testing and commissioning

Seawater Reverse Osmosis system are built and tested on site to ensure that all necessary elements, including piping, wiring and programming, work properly and produce the desired results.

11. Training to operators and submission of Operation & Maintenance manual

Seawater Reverse Osmosis system operator on site assistance training program is for the purpose of providing an adequate supply of trained personnel to operate and maintain, existing and future treatment works for the enhancement and proficiency of those engaged in such activities. The program provides on site operator training, troubleshooting and other operation and maintenance assistance. An operation and maintenance manual shall be submitted to client in order to help them solve the operational and maintenance problems.

12. System handover to client

Once completion has been certified, the system will be handover to the client who takes over responsibility for safety, operation and maintenance. A system or equipment warranties which run from the date when the equipment is first operated to be held by client at handover.

13. Follow up & after sales service

Our maintenance and after sales technicians are ready to service and maintain clients’ Seawater Reverse Osmosis equipment when you need it.