We are now also offering River Water Treatment System
for Safe Drinking!


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Water is a source of life. However, only 0.3% of this total quantity is theoretically usable as a fresh water!

In many countries around the globe, people, commercial, and industrial companies suffer daily from the limited quantity of groundwater or no water at all to meet both their personal and business needs. When their options run out, they look to the sea as their final resort.

A process called “Seawater reverse osmosis” and also known as “Seawater Desalination” has been a very effective and economical way of producing potable water for drinking and industries. It is a myth that, seawater desalination is exorbitantly expensive.
But the fact that it is affordable.

Pro We Engineering Sdn Bhd

Pro We Engineering Sdn Bhd is an environmental engineering specialist focusing on water treatment, established in 2013. We provide engineering services which involve the design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of industrial reverse osmosis and seawater reverse osmosis desalination system including all mechanical and electrical installation.

Our Services

Seawater reverse osmosis system fabrication

Metal Works

Supply of water treatment equipment

Seawater Reverse Osmosis Pilot System and
Continuous Sand Filter


250 litre per hour

500 litre per hour

Rural Areas Drinking Water Treatment

Continuous Sand Filter